10 Day Weight Reduction Transformation Program Using Green Foods

Many people want to lose weight but they find themselves going through diets after diets without achieving or maintaining their desired results. Many advertised diets are unhealthy, unsustainable, and simply too hard for people to follow. Using green foods is a powerful way of correcting a person’s metabolism, detoxifying, and achieving the optimal body composition and weight. 

One of the leading health issues we see today is obesity, which is linked to many other health issues including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome and other chronic illnesses. Canada’s obesity rates have tripled in less than 30 years, and major factors causing this are food and lifestyle choices, emergence of fast food restaurants, as well as processed and nutrient-poor foods.

The truth is, food is what we want but nutrition is what our body needs. Nutrients are the fundamental building blocks for our cells and they are what helps with all of our cellular processes. Food normally provides nutrients and calories, and there’s a difference between the type of foods and the amount of nutrients they possess. Nutrients are the fundamental building blocks for our cells and they are responsible in helping us with all of our metabolic and cellular functions. Nutrient-dense foods are those foods that have an abundance of nutrients but contain relatively low calories. Green foods are examples of nutrient-dense foods and they include fruits and vegetables, spirulina, oat grass, alfalfa, and wheat grass. Most people consume a diet that is nutrient-poor and calorie-rich. Nutrient-poor foods contain high amount of calories with relatively low nutrients such as processed foods, sugary foods, fast foods and so forth. In order to obtain the nutrients we need through nutrient-poor foods, our body has to eat more which ends up packing unnecessary calories into our body which ends up going into storage as fat, and a resulting increase in weight and body fat mass.

The 10-day Transformation Program is designed to detoxify and reset the body’s metabolism, cut cravings while building lean muscle mass and reducing fat mass by providing a very nutrient-dense diet and pre-digested amino acids. Using only organic, non-GMO, soy-free, and vegan super-green foods, the program is designed to restore health in a safe and nutritious manner.

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